Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Went to the Big Apple Circus.

This Saturday, my family and I went to the Big Apple Circus. I take them every single year, so I was thrilled to be invited this year by the circus people. To make it even better, Kelcey of The Mama Bird Diaries was the guest ringmaster for the second act. I made the mistake of telling my kids that, so they spent the first act asking me whether every single contortionist was Kelcey. I don't know why I didn't just say "yes" and put them out of my misery.

The circus itself was fantastic. If you've never been to the Big Apple Circus, I don't mind letting you know that it's my favorite. It is a very intimate setting (sorry, no candlelight) and they don't do the lion/elephant torture act so you don't have to sit there and anticipate being stampeded. That really makes things better for me.

And they do have dogs who do totally cute things. All their dogs are rescue animals who they trained to do stuff. Like inter-species dancing:

(thank you to Coast2Coast Mom for the photo.)

My one problem with the circus is that some of the performers are such show offs. I mean, hello? Do you really need all those gravity defying stunts?

I'm a huge Grandma fan (we spoke at intermission and she has an unnaturally deep voice), but this was the first year that I got to see Bello. Who is hysterical and amazing. And has really good hair.

Of course for me, the highlight was the second act. I knew that Kelcey was going to be the ringmistress, so I soothed her beforehand and reassured her that if something UNTHINKABLE were to happen, like a HUGE PANIC ATTACK, I would be able to step in seamlessly as her understudy. Despite my soothing words and attempts to trip her, she, for a few minutes, became the star of the show.

Don't believe me?


Stage pre-Kelcey. Yawn.

An act that came on right before Kelcey. This is when my son asked "which one is your friend?" and as I made a mental note to have him tested, Husbandrinka said, "she's the one of the left." The hell? I mean, they'd met Kelcey!

And in case you haven't, here she is:

Photo by Kelcey. Are you wondering how the photo can be by her if she's also in the photo? That's a circus trick.

Seriously, if you haven't made plans to go to the circus yet, don't wait. My whole family loved it.

To get discount tickets to the Big Apple Circus, go here! Or call 888-541-3750 and then use the discount code: MOMMY10. Kelcey not included.


  1. One of my great claims to fame is that when I was about 10, I conducted the B.A.C. orchestra one afternoon. I kept letting them play a few notes and then stopped them abruptly. It cracked me up but sort of pissed off the musicians. But I didn't get no stinkin' tophat and red tails, so I guess Kelcey wins.

  2. Tell your husband that I was also the one dancing with the dog.

    Thank you for being my understudy.